WALSH YFZ450R Linkage Pull Rod & Knuckle




WALSH YFZ450R Linkage system is trusted by Chad Wienen, Paul Holmes and many other top Yamaha YFZ450R racers the world over.

  • The featured lower leverage ratio improves the rear end in all aspects
  • Reduces the hard spot at the bottom of the shocks full compression, absorbing big impacts better and maintaining traction when the shock is compressed
  • Absorbs braking bumps when entering a corner, keep the traction to the ground when exiting the corner and keep your rear end working better in all aspects
  • Also by keeping the rear end working properly, in turn the front end will perform better, especially during cornering
  • Extended length 19.0625″

*The WALSH Linkage System requires a rear shock that is specifically built for this linkage and the linkage must stayed paired together (knuckle & pull rod)